Statement Dresses By Nigerian Fashion Label “Imad Eduso” — Elegant, Sophisticated, Sexy and Playful

The Nigerian fashion label Imad Eduso is a women’s wear brand based in the country’s metropole, Lagos. The brand name is the creators given name, Dami Osude, spelled backwards — a twist that seems to herald the exceptionality of her designs. Established in 2015, the brand has found its unique voice in the crowd of fashion labels over the past five years.

The brand’s spring/summer 2020 collection boasts with extraordinary, bold designs in bright and riveting colours, like emerald green, mulberry purple, cobalt blue, magenta and sunny-sky blue.

The label has been noticed by high ranking celebrities, most notably by the Black Panther actress Lupita Nyong’o and the inspirational author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, most known for her bestseller novel Americanah.

When I look at the impeccably matched outfits by Imad Eduso, I see power, sophistication, elegance, sensuality and playfulness — all at the same time. Even though the designs are linear and minimalistic in their overall composition, there is always a special feature that makes the pieces stand out. Expansive ruffles, puffed sleeves, dramatic drapes or high slits transform the designs into eye-catchers.

Most designs are tailored to the body in a fitted form and flatter the female curves. The tops, trousers and skirts can be combined in sets of the same colour or mixed and matched. The high glossy, silk satin fabrics are mono-coloured and without pattern. Due to the striking colours, the pieces are ideal to mix and match in a colour blocking style, but can easily be worn as a single statement piece with jeans or casual top.

The pieces Imad Eduso creates, radiate an aura of feminine poise and confidence. They almost seem like sculptures, crafted from fine fabric. They are definitely art, no doubt. The designs can be worn to various occasions, as there are pieces that are suitable as business wear, for festive occasions, glamorous parties and it also includes an edgy bridal wear line.

My favourite outfit is a combination of a ruby red top and skirt in a fitted form. The top is formed tight around the bust, and the pleated skirt is featured with a sweeping drape at the side. The skirt reaches over the knees in length, which makes it look sleek and elegant. Another mono-coloured set is fused from tailored peg-leg pants and a one shoulder top, with an enormous puffed sleeve that is accentuated with ribbons. The rich emerald green is guaranteed to draw attention.

Another gorgeous top is held in a pastel lilac tone. It creates a completely different look from the front compared to the back. The front side boasts a row of ruffles at the hem and presents a rather cute or even conservative vibe, whereas the cut out back brings “sexy” into play.

A beautiful off shoulder piece is a white top with ruffles surrounding the straps, one of which hangs off the shoulder (title/first picture). The ruffles of the supporting strap reach down to the waist. This creates an even greater asymmetry in the design, as the off shoulder strap does not reach farther down the top.

One of the more extravagant pieces are three-quarter length trousers with ruffles alone the hem line. In glowing, berry pink fabric, the trousers scream playfulness and power in harmony. As a finish, it is combined with an emerald green tight top.

Nuanced units are created with these sets of shade variations. Top in a light mauve colour paired with mulberry pants or sky blue with cobalt.

A rather historic, conservative touch is integrated in this mulberry jacked with long, wide puffed sleeves. The buttons are coated with the same fabric, providing the piece with a harmonious, sleek look.

To close with a bang, I would like to show a vibrant, fresh look with this dream summer dress. The lush pink and orange fabric speaks louder than words, calling for warm weather or a festive occasion. It is the epitome of positivity.

Find out more about the brand Imad Eduso on their website or on their social media accounts.

Pictures: Courtesy of Imad Eduso




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Promotion of Afrocentric Creative Content

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