Study of a coiffure doll from the Gelede series, 2016, oil on canvas, 76,2 x 55,88 cm / Image: Courtesy of the artist

Artist Wole Lagunju, who now lives and works in the United States (Winston-Salem, North Carolina), was born in Oshogbo, Nigeria, in 1966. He studied graphic design during his time at the Obafemi Awolowo University, formerly known as University of Ife. In his colour-intense figurative work the painter merges various cultural and historic motifs, which refer to his roots, western sociocultural imagery, art history or his native country’s colonial past. The Black experience, with its facets and its history, plays its part, particularly in his paintings with oil on canvas. The artist has formed an individual imagery that is unique and…

Joséphine Sagna, no title yet, 2021, acrylic, oil pastels and markers on canvas, 180 x 155 cm / Image: Courtesy of the artist

Joséphine Sagna is a German-Senegalese artist and designer, born in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1989, who is now based in Hamburg. She incorporates her multi-ethnic identity deep within her artistic creations, centring her work especially around the multi-cultural, Black and female experience in a predominantly White society. On her website the artist defines her topics as follows: “Sagna’s art discusses and broaches issues of prejudices, everyday racism, reactions, different points of view, whether from the own eye or the eyes of others, intimacy and self-representation, yet also where Sagna sees herself amidst it all.”¹ Her pieces boast of vibrant colours and…

Joséphine Sagna in her studio / Image: Courtesy of the artist

German-Senegalese artist and designer, Joséphine Sagna, has joined me for a written interview about her work and her experience as a mixed-ethnic woman in a predominantly White society. Sagna studied art and fashion design at the HAW Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany, and gained her Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design from the Design Department in 2019. Sagna, who was born in Stuttgart, now lives and works in her city of choice Hamburg.

With her work she wants to raise awareness for issues Black and Brown people face on a daily basis and to evoke empowerment.


Saïdou Dicko, Le Cerf-volant d’Oum kalthoum, 2017, pigment print on Hahnemühle Baryta, painting and digital collage, 45 x 60 cm / Image: Courtesy of the artist and ARTCO Gallery

The artist Saïdou Dicko was born in Burkina Faso in 1979 and grew up in the Sahel zone. His creative work is still inspired and shaped by early experiences from his childhood as a Fulani shepherd. From an early age, drawing has been the foundation of his creative path, ever since he started drawing the shadows of his sheep. The concept of this dark companion, that can only exist in the presence of light, has become a major theme in Dicko’s work. The self-taught visual artist lives and works in Paris, France, and engages in various artistic media, such as…

Focus on your dream, 2019, Acrylic and silk screen print on canvas, 130 x 110 cm / Image: Courtesy of the artist and OOA Gallery, Barcelona

Boris Anje Tabufor (*1993), whose artist name is Anjel, is an artist based in Duala, Cameroon. In his work he is dedicated to shaping multifaceted, beautiful black bodies, as empowered and confident individuals. His use of radiant colours, overall patterns and highlighted consumer and popular culture makes his Neo-Pop pieces stand out. His painting style is reminiscent of the Old Masters, paying attention to detail by delicately forming wrinkles, creases and shining, smooth skin. Mainly working with acrylic paint on canvas, however, his fascination with Warhol’s Pop Art can be felt by his use of silkscreen as an artistic technique.

Book cover of my copy — illustrated by Vashti Harrison

Kinky curly hair “has a mind of its own”. The protagonist Zuri of Matthew A. Cherry’s children’s book “Hair Love” says this about her own hair. All those, who have kinky curls or coils, know that this is true. Especially those who are of African descent and recognize their hair as 4c know that maintaining healthy, beautiful hair can be a struggle, even more so if it grows long.

For some, dealing with their curls day in and day out might have developed into a love-hate relationship. As beautiful as curly hair is — ranging in types from 3a to…

Constant III, 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 140 x 140 cm / Image courtesy of the artist and Afriart Gallery

Sungi Mlengeya is a Tanzanian self-taught artist, who has chosen, only recently in 2018, to follow her life-long passion of creating art, leaving her career in finance in the past in order to pursue her artistic career. Even though Mlengeya’s work is based on a minimalistic approach to figurative painting, her pieces speak a vigorous and clear language of empowerment.

Using acrylic paint on canvas, the artist creates beautiful black bodies, mainly women, whom she shapes from a reduced colour palette of black and dark browns. The bodies are delicately formed, with great care to create smooth unblemished skin. The…

The Nigerian fashion label Imad Eduso is a women’s wear brand based in the country’s metropole, Lagos. The brand name is the creators given name, Dami Osude, spelled backwards — a twist that seems to herald the exceptionality of her designs. Established in 2015, the brand has found its unique voice in the crowd of fashion labels over the past five years.

The brand’s spring/summer 2020 collection boasts with extraordinary, bold designs in bright and riveting colours, like emerald green, mulberry purple, cobalt blue, magenta and sunny-sky blue.

The label has been noticed by high ranking celebrities, most notably by…

Yaa Gyasi’s first novel “Homegoing” is an incredibly gripping, complex novel, revolving around the characters of a family tree that reaches back from present day to roughly 250 years in the past. Gyasi tells the story of these family members over several generations, while depicting the impact of the transatlantic slave trade on their history as well as its far-reaching consequences on their lives on Africa’s Gold Coast and in the US.

Gyasi was born in Ghana and then moved to the United States with her family as an infant. She got the idea for the novel on a trip…

Book cover of my copy — illustration by Vashti Harrison

The Hollywood actress, Lupita Nyong’o, published her first children’s book last year in cooperation with illustrator Vashti Harrison. The decision to embark on this journey was a deeply personal one as she states in the author’s notes at the back of the book. The story is based on her own experiences as a child of being bullied and feeling ugly, because of her dark skin. Now she wants to spare young black children the agony of feeling unworthy of love, simply on grounds of their skin colour. …

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